Grading Policies

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Grades will be computed by averaging points earned in the following categories:


1.     TESTS                                      60 - 100 points each

2.     QUIZZES/GROUP WORK     10-30 points each

3.     NOTEBOOK                            10 points each unit test

4.     HOMEWORK                          Pre-Algebra : 75 points total, 5 points each assignment; Alg I and Alg II: 50 points total, 5 points each assignment

5.     WARM UP EXCERCISES    2 points each entry- must copy problem and show work!


TESTS              will be announced at least 4 days in advance.  Tests should be done in
                           pencil.  Always show work.  No work, no points!


QUIZZES        may or may not be announced.  Be prepared at all times.  Always show 
                       work.  No work, no points!


NOTEBOOK    A notebook is a required part of this course.  Your class notes will be
                        collected the day of a unit test.  Each check is worth 10 points.  Be sure
                           to get notes from a friend in class when you are absent.


HOMEWORK   In order to succeed in this class, you must do homework on a regular
                            basis.  Each assignment should have your NAME , DATE, PERIOD,  PAGE # and
                            PROBLEM #S at the top of your paper.  Homework will be checked each day in a
                            variety of ways. Each assignment is worth 5 points.  To earn the 5 points all
                            assignments should have the original problem written and all work shown.  

    No work, no points!


These grades are then added together and divided by the total points possible for the marking period.



1.      Make-ups will be taken during class or activity period.

2.        1 Day Absence on Day of Test: Test is to be taken on day of return (i.e. next day).

3.        1 Day Absence on Day Before Test: Test is to be taken on day of test with rest of class.

4.        2 to 3 Day Absence Prior to Test: Test must be made up within the limits of the school policy. (Policy: Two days are allotted to make-up all work for each day of absence.)

5.        Prolonged Absences: Consult teacher upon return to school to set up make-up schedule.


Note: Tests/Quizzes will be graded as 0 if students do not comply with the guidelines listed above and/or fail to meet deadlines.