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Textbook Resources

Holt Online Textbook

Holt Resource Page - Helpful Links/Materials Connected to our Book

Resources for the Mathematician

How Many? A Dictionary of Measurements

Further Enrichment and Review

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies

A+ Math

The Math Forum

AAA Math

Social Studies Links

Textbook Resources

Holt Online Textbook

Resources for the Archaeologist

History Channel

CNN Student News

Mr. Donn's Ancient History

Encarta Encyclopedia

Class Connections

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Links

Link #1

Link #2
Link #3


Write Like an Egyptian

Where is the Balsas River?

China's Climate

View the Great Wall!

Camel Quick Facts

Further Enrichment and Review


Egypt - Geography Presentation


Aryan Migrations

Aryan Immigrants

Aryan Immigrant Crossword Puzzle

Hinduism Crossword Puzzle

The Caste System

Caste System Crossword Puzzle

Path of Buddhism

Origins of Buddhism

Origins of Buddhism Crossword Puzzle

Aryan Study Cards

Powerpoint Presentation Links

Chapter 1

Science Links

Sites for the Scientist

National Geographic 

Discovery Works

Explore the Powers of Ten

The Franklin Institute Online

Science Made Simple

The Effects of Lightning

Classroom Connections - Populations and Ecosystems

Biome Project Links

Biome Picture Template

Biome Title

Biome Characteristics

Owl Pellet Dissection

Mount St. Helen's Cam & Related Links 

Classroom Connections - A Global Look At Biomes

Yahooligans Animals


Animal Diversity

Enchanted Learning - Plants

Biome Research - Blue Planet Biomes        Biome Research - Enchanted Learning

Biome Research - MBGNet        Biome Research - Berkeley

Classroom Connections - Forces and Motion

Wright Brothers Research            Wright Flyer Project

Wright Brothers Photographs            Wright Brothers' Background

Classroom Connections - Oceanography

Tide Project Links

Tide Chart Resource #1

Tide Chart Resource #2

Tide Informational Resource

Tide Image Search

Ocean Planet            Ocean Research - Enchanted Learning        Oceanlink

Marine Life        Ocean Oasis        The Abyss        The Jason Project      

Landlubber's Guide to Nautical Terms                                  

Thinkquest - Ocean Adventure        Into the Abyss        Treasures at Sea        Deepest Ocean

Classroom Connections - Nature of Matter

Chemical Elements Research

Further Enrichment and Review

Forces & Motion - From Feet to Fathoms            Endangered Species Presentation

Other Links

Orefield Home Page

Merriam Webster Online 

Roget's Thesaurus  

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