Driver Education Theory Class

®      This course is offered in tenth grade to all students.

®      It is also offered in the summer, lasting 3 hours a day for a two week period. Depending upon the number of students interested it may be offered twice during the summer vacation. There is a fee if the theory course is taken during the summer.

®      In order to qualify for the Drivers Education Certification Certificate students must complete a minimum of 30 classroom hours.


Driver Education Course Listing

026 Driver Education--Theory 2 Dbl. Per./1 Semester .25 Credit Grade 10

The Driver Education program consists of both classroom and practice driving instruction. The classroom course, which is offered in the tenth grade, emphasizes sound principles of highway safety, studentsí responsibility in the operation of a motor vehicle, and endeavors to show students the effect of physical, mental, and emotional traits on safety. This course includes presentations and discussions on defensive driving, alcohol and drugs, traffic laws and enforcement, driving attitudes, automobile insurance, vehicle maintenance, driver fitness, pedestrian safety, and basic and advanced driving techniques.



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