Parkland Drivers Education 
General Information

Parkland High School Driver Education Program


The Parkland High School Driver Education Program consists of both classroom theory and behind-the-wheel practice driving instruction. 

The classroom theory course emphasizes to our students the  sound principles of highway safety along with the responsibility in operating a motor vehicle. The theory course endeavors to show students the effect of physical, mental, and emotional traits on safety.  This course includes presentations and discussions on defensive driving, alcohol & drugs, traffic laws and enforcement, driving attitudes, automobile insurance, vehicle maintenance, driver fitness, pedestrian safety, and basic & advance driving techniques. 

The behind-the-wheel driver training instruction is considered an extension of the classroom.  It provides the beginning driver the opportunity to apply, practice, and be evaluated on the various skills needed for driving.  The instruction is given in a dual-control car, which has a brake pedal for the instructor’s use as well as other special safety equipment.

Our goal in giving this course is to prepare competent, skillful, and responsible young drivers who will have the right attitude towards safe driving and will, therefore assist in reducing accidents on the streets and highways.

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