Parkland High School Drivers Training

Behind the Wheel Information


The Parkland High School driver Training Program is designed to introduce student to the necessary skills needed to drive a car and then in part, using behind the wheel practice, to develop those same skills for students to safely and successfully maneuver a vehicle in traffic.
We stress in part because parental instruction of these same skills is crucial in t he student's path to being successful.


The average time a student spends in our program is approximately 6 hours.

The program is calculated for a student to have a skill practice ration of 1 hour in part with the Parkland High School driver training instruction to 7 hours of practice driving in part with a parent and or guardian. As students master each skill maneuver, a new driving skill is introduced. This allows students to progress successfully through a series of basic to proficient driving skills in an orderly sequence in partnership with parental practice.

Regardless of reason, when students are not practicing driving skills in part with parents, and skill progression is not apparent, program lessons may be deferred to allow parents sufficient time to practice driving with their child.

The importance of student practice with parents is essential for our program and
student success in becoming safe, proficient young drivers.