National Art Honor Society


Officers of NAHS 2016


President - Brooke Shimer

Vice President - Kaitlyn Hlavinka


Officers of NAHS 2015

President: Mackenzie Lauffer
Vice President: Christopher Bungert


Officers of NAHS 2014

President: Alyssa Tauber
Vice President: Kamee Mitra

Officers of NAHS 2013

President: Ryan Lutz
Vice President: Alyssa Tauber

"Take of the world its color and forms, its lines and textures, its balances and movements and spaces; combine all these into a beautiful statement of what it is to be human. Give back to the world the same elements of beauty that you as an artist take from it. Create beauty in the world with your talents and your living."

"I will in my life, to the best of my ability through my talents in art, help to create a more beautiful world for myself, for humankind, and for all living things."

The Elements of Art
Color - Comes from the sun to all things on the Earth
Line - Is the edge of all things on the Earth
Form - Is the mass of the Earth
Texture - Is the surface of all the Earth
Space - Is the void, the emptiness
Balance - Is equality and harmony
Movement - Is time and energy passing


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