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February 2011 The Morning Call Art Teacher helps artist send work to President View
May 2008 Parkland Press Parkland Arts Festival to Feature Student Work View
April 2008 Parkland Press Parkland student artists receive national honors View
January 2008 Parkland Press Limon's work draws emotions from viewers View
November 2007 Parkland Press Michael Cho's work on display at Parkland View
October 2007 The Parkland News Teachers Visit Glassworks View
September 2007 Parkland Press Zeglen's Art at Trojan Gallery View
September 2006 The Parkland News Art Students Expanded Art Studies to Italy this Summer View
May 2006 Parkland Press Parkland Students Win Art Competition View
May 2006 The Parkland News Parkland Prepares for Festival View
May 2006 The Morning Call Student Art Show Winners View
May 2006 Parkland News Parkland Students And Staff Win Art Awards View
March 2006 Parkland News Scholastic Art Award Winners View
February 2006 Parkland Press School District News View
February 2006 Parkland Press Artistic Creations View
January 2006 Parkland Press Phtojournalist's Exhibit Shows Passion for his Subjects View
October 2005 Parkland Chronicle Parkland Welcomes New 2005 Teachers View
 May 2005  Parkland Chronicle Red Hot Pottery Inspires Students View
 May 2005 Parkland Chronicle  A Community of the Arts: Parkland Spotlights Local Artists and Performers View
 May 2005 Parkland Chronicle Student Shapes Clay into Art View
April 2005 Parkland Press Parkland Senior Creates Permanent Mural For High SchoolArt Gallery View
April 2005 Parkland Chronicle Art Teacher Reflects on 33 Years View
February 2005 Parkland Press Eye for Art View
September 2004 Parkland Press Karel Mikolas Displays Art in Trojan Art Gallery View
June 2004 Parkland Press Parkland Students win National Art Awards View
May 2004 Parkland Press Parkland Seniors win awards at the Baum Exhibit View
March 2004 Parkland Chronical Parkland Students get selected to display ceramic pieces in 2004 Shaped Clay Exhibition in Syracuse University View
December 2003 Parkland Press Linda LaDue teaches students at Parkland while being the featured artist for the month of December View
October 2003 Parkland Press Jon Roylance displays his work in the Trojan Art Gallery for the month of October View
September 2003 Parkland Press Mr. Richard Shemonsky receives the Scholastic Art Award and Writing Award for teaching View
May 2003 Parkland Press Parkland displays Da Vinci's horse at May Art Show View
May 2003 Parkland Press Parkland Senior Prepares for the Senior Art Show in May View
January 2003 Parkland Press Parkland Student displays piece at Scholastic Art Show View
December 2002 Parkland Press Parkland Art League prepares exhibit for the month of December in the Trojan Galley View
November 2002 Parkland High School Trumpet Bruce Johnson prepares for November exhibit in PHS Gallery View
November 2002 Parkland Press Bruce Johnson gives watercolor demonstration for PHS Students View
October 2002 Parkland Press Michael Toth Gives Presentation to PHS Students View
May 2002 Parkland Press Students prepare art display for May Art Show View
January 14-20, 2002 Parkland Press PHS Senior Stained Glass Art Piece Displayed View
November 2001 Parkland High School Trumpet Local Artists Displayed in Trojan Art Gallery View
October 2001 Parkland Press Barbara Danko's October Exhibit View
September 3-9, 2001 Parkland Press Tom Ahern's September Exhibit View
May 14 - 20, 2001 Parkland Press PHS Senior Art Exhibit View
May 8 - 14, 2001 Parkland Press 2000 Artistic Discovery Awards View
January 22 - 28, 2001 Parkland Press Parkland High Stuents recipients of regional Scholastic Art awards View
January 2001 The Morning Call 2001 Regional Scholastic Art Awards View
January 2001 The Morning Call 15 Parkland at students honored with art awards at 2001 Regional Scholastic Art Awards View
November 2000 Parkland High School Trumpet Gene Hardenberg's October art exhibit View
Friday, May 19, 2000 The Morning Call Preperation for 2000 May High School Student Exhibit View
May 22 - 28, 2000 Parkland Press About the 2000 May High School Art Exhibit View
December 1999 Parkland School District Newsletter Robert Beitler with Greg Mazurek for Beitler's November art show. View
November 1999 Parkland High School Trumpet About the new PHS Trojan Art Gallery View
November 1999 The Morning Call Robert Beitler's November art exhibit. View


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