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The great Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), was a brilliant scientist, mathematician, diplomat, economist, and scholar. Copernicus excelled in all academic areas.  Among his many accomplishments was his discovery that the sun, not the Earth, is at the center of our solar system. 

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Welcome to Mr. Price's Team Copernicus Website. Assignments listed in Home Access Center are subject to change without notice as situations change in class. It is still the student’s responsibility to keep track of daily assignments and to record them in the Assignment Book.
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Suggested School Supplies:
Many pencils/pens (mechanical pencils are preferred)
Set of colored pencils
White-lined Composition Book (for Science Journal)
At least three 3-Ring Binders with Pencil Holders/Bags inside
Calculator for home use (Texas Instruments 30XIIS) )

Computer Mouse (wireless or wired)
*Mr. Price prefers students do not cover their books--it ruins the binding.

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