Spirit of Hope  Mural    
 Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. :

Since 2000, students in our art mural club Have createD permanent murals for our school. each Year the club has around 18-30 students who do all the brainstorming, sketching, painting, sculpting, ceramic tile making, and working with mosaics (small pieces of stained glass).

Student sketch before they made ceramic final.




For the past 5 years, we have been making a mural that will not only impact the people in our school district, but also exist in a way that the whole community of Allentown / Lehigh Valley can enjoy. We wanted the site to be somewhere that does not have a lot of artwork.

THe goal was to  bring to OUR students and people of the Lehigh Valley the power of community art with meaningful pictures telling the stories of hope, wisdom, and the triumph of the human spirit! 

We believe that the quest to achieve balance by enriching student’s life with artistic endeavors and bringing the community together through the arts will be successful. We are enthusiastic about the program being a vehicle for nurturing student growth and social change in the community and WITH the community. Please join us!


This is the original Sketch that students took 2 months to formulate into these meaningful illustrations  in 2008

This is the actual background students Painted on “parachute Cloth”. This is partially completed as of June 2012.  ( all of the people and small objects are made out of clay & glass which are  not shown in this photograph).